Interactive Graphics and Simulation Group

Welcome to the Interactive Graphics and Simulation (igs) Group in Innsbruck.

The Interactive Graphics and Simulation Group was founded in 2014 by Matthias Harders. Our scientific focus is on methods and algorithms in the areas of physically-based simulation, computer haptics, and virtual/augmented reality. We are also interested in human-computer interaction and multi-modal data visualization. The main application area of our developments is the medical domain.



We welcome our new PhD student Çağhan Kirişci at igs.

igs Retreat 2019 at Obergurgl

Invited talk by Dr. Denis Steinemann (VirtaMed) on "Surgery Simulation - From Research to Building Simulators at Scale" at igs (Dec 9).

InDay Students 2019. We congratulate Jan Klimaschewski and Nikolaus Rauch for winning the Best Bachelor and Best Master Awards for their theses at igs.

We welcome our new PhD student Nikolaus Rauch at igs.

We congratulate our Master students Jodok Huber and Nikolaus Rauch for achieving their Master's degree with best grades and our former PhD student Fernando Zorrilla for winning "The Terry Hewitt Prize for the Best Technical Research Student Paper" at CGVC..

We congratulate our PhD student Quang Van HA for receiving the scholarship "Doktoratsstipendium" from the University of Innsbruck (see more here).

igs at Innsbrucker City Run 2019.  

Research visit by BritInn-Fellow Prof. Fernando Bello (Imperial College London), including talk on "Simulation of Physical Examinations - Challenges and Opportunities", at igs (June 3-7).

Invited talk by Prof. Karol Miller (University of Western Australia) on "Modelling soft tissue deformation: Why in Western Australia we do not like the Finite Element Method and what we do instead" at igs (May 6).

We congratulate our interns Bela Pfahl and Simon Scheiderbauer for the selection of their IGS internship report as one of the 20 best nationwide. They were honored by the BMVIT minister, including certificate handover in Vienna. Find more information here.

Earlier news available in our archive.  

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