Current Members

    Head of Research Group 3N09     +43 512 507 53338
    Administrative Staff 3M10     +43 512 507 53346
    Postdoctoral Researcher 3N04     +43 512 507 53386
Yeongmi Kim
    Visiting Researcher (MCI) 3N11     +43 512 507 53346
    PhD Student 3N11     +43 512 507 53346
    PhD Student 3N08     +43 512 507 53358
    PhD Student 3N08     +43 512 507 53364
    PhD Student 3N11     +43 512 507 53346
    PhD Student 3N04     +43 512 507 53360
    PhD Student 3N08     +43 512 507 53399
    PhD Student     

Current Students

Andrea Rendl
    Master Student Surgical Planning
Jodok Huber
    Master Student 3N11 Interactive AR
Nikolaus Rauch
    Master Student 3N11 Vessel Textures
Markus Kopp
    Bachelor Student Voxel Cone Tracing
Jan Klimaschewski
    Bachelor Student 3N11 Interactive Wrinkles
Alin Porcic
    Bachelor Student 3N11 LODs via Deep Learning
Lukas Nocker
    Bachelor Student Landmark Transfer
Daniel Gogl
    Bachelor Student Tactile Rendering

Students (Completed)

Maximilian Siess
    Bachelor Thesis Limb Recalibration
Chong Lee
    Bachelor Thesis Haptic Images
Lorenz Hasler
    Bachelor Thesis Procedural City Modelling
Bernhard Fritz
    Bachelor Thesis Procedural Mountains
Andreas Moritz
    Bachelor Thesis Screen-Based Rendering
Hannes Vieider
    Bachelor Thesis Tactile rendering
Manuel Schmidt
    Bachelor Thesis Height field fluids
Philip Salzmann
    Bachelor Thesis Cascaded LPVs
Stefan Spiss
    Bachelor Thesis Quadcopter user interface
Manuel Kapferer
    Bachelor Thesis Triangle Meshes Repair
Philipp Stiegernigg
    Bachelor Thesis Real-time level-of-detail
Clemens Degasper
    Bachelor Thesis SPH scene designer
Manfred Moosleitner
    Bachelor Thesis Vessels with L-systems
Carsten Fischer
    Bachelor Thesis Low-Cost AR System
Florian Tischler
    Bachelor Thesis Chain Light Effects


Zahra Bounik
    Visiting PhD student 3N11      Sep 2015 - Feb 2016
Arsen Abdulali
    Visiting Master student 3N11      August 2015
Alvaro Salanueva
    Visiting Bachelor student 3N08      July and August 2015
Felix Paulano
    Visiting PhD student 3N08      April - July 2015
Harsheel Soin
    Visiting Bachelor student 3N11      May - July 2014

Former Team Members (ETH Zurich)

Seokhee Jeon
    PostDoc  now Ass. Professor at Kyung Hee University
Jonas Spillmann
    PostDoc  now Ass. Professor at the ZHAW
Martin Seiler
    PhD Student  now with Google
Basil Fierz
    PhD Student  now with VirtaMed
Benjamin Knoerlein
    PhD Student  now at Brown University
Philipp Fuernstahl
    PhD Student  now head of CARD, Balgrist Hospital
Bryn Lloyd
    PhD Student  now with ITIS Foundation
Stefan Tuchschmid
    PhD Student  now CEO of VirtaMed
Raphael Hoever
    PhD Student  now with Hocoma
Peter Leskovsky
    PhD Student  now with Vicomtech
Christoph Spuhler
    PhD Student  now with Medtech Surgical
Gerald Bianchi
    PhD Student
Daniel Bachofen
    Software Engineer  now with VirtaMed
Markus Grassi
    Software Engineer
Michael Emmersberger
    Software Engineer  now with ETH Zurich
Alexander Barlit
    Software Engineer